a quick october update

my girl hit a slump over the summer following a month of heavy rain, disgusting humidity and expensive repairs, but now that everyone is done feeling sorry for themselves, we can begin making things right again. once i get my much-needed r&r next week in colorado, i can come back and re-paint the cargo area, … Read more

my current electricity setup

before van dwelling, i never considered what my average electricity usage might look like. i learned early on that it’s likely i would have to trade in my workstation and three monitors for a modest energy efficient laptop. for cooking, an induction cooktop might be out of the question since it’s a power hog, but i … Read more

how to stop condensation on your windows overnight

We all love the comfort of dwelling in vans. Well, I do, but I have been called crazy a few times in my life. I guess if you call liking to save a bit of money while cutting down on unnecessary crazy, then yeah, let’s strap me down and throw me in the loony bin. … Read more

day 79 – baby’s first road trip

yesterday was an interesting day for all of us. 

number one, twas my birthday. i’m somewhere in the neighborhood of ajshfkjsnckjn

Day 13

The original plan was to chow down on some sweet apple pie and coffee in the back of my truck before caulking the shit out of those holes, but it rained again last night, which made the entire area wet and muddy. Instead, I headed out to my mom’s to grab the drill set for … Read more

day 12 – a caulking update

It rained last night, so I got to see how well the caulk held up.

Good news is I didn’t see any leakage via the side panel pins.

Bad news is there was definitely some water down in the troughs that run down the sides of the van.

Day 11

So the roommate and I decided to do some nighttime caulking (the best kind of caulking) on Wednesday night. The downside of not having a workplace, but gotta make do with what you got.