day 79 – baby’s first road trip

yesterday was an interesting day for all of us. 

number one, twas my birthday. i’m somewhere in the neighborhood of ajshfkjsnckjn

number two. it was both dove (muh road dawg jesse james) and trip (the bad ass billy gunn)’s first long distance road trip.

i honestly think the longest drive dove has taken has never exceeded 45 minutes. trip, maybe an hour out toward webster to get worked on. not his favorite… trip.

so i decide we’d take a stroll down toward magnolia beach, which is basically in port lavaca. it’s supposed to be a little over two hours, but it turns into three since i have to stop once to let dove get some air and stretch his legs, and once more because i make a wrong turn that was threatening to add another 50 minutes to my drive.

i say fuck that, bust a U, and head back down the one other highway within 20 miles. 

trip makes pretty good mileage overall. between 250 miles roundtrip, she averages almost 18 mpg. not as bad as my worst case scenario of 13 mpg, which would have burned significantly more fuel and money.

overall, i was pleased with her performance. can’t say that about too many people ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

i read this beach was pretty boondock friendly. i worry about how true that is as we roll up through this tiny ass town, streets only wide enough to accommodate a single car, much less my 20 foot baby beast.

so once we get through to the public area, i’m anxious to pull into a spot and get acclimated. 

skrrt, bust into the first spot i see, which i realize is no less than 30 feet away from two other trucks on one side, and absolutely no vehicles as far as the eye can see on the other side.

“why didn’t i park further away from these derds?” i ask myself like i don’t already know the answer.

impatience. and also i have a cramp in my ankle.

i look over at dove; his mouth is flopped open as we pull up twenty feet from the shore. 

“you ready to go to the beach?!” i ask excitedly. i’m not even that excited. i just can’t wait to stretch my legs.

i clip his stupid little leash on, and we jump out the front seat like some goddamn superheroes. good way to air out a little crotch sweat after 3 hours.

man, dove is pumped. he practically leaps into the ocean, pulling me along with him. his nose hits the sand immediately, and he’s stopping every couple of feet for some deep, hard sniffs.

“whaddaya smell, boy?”

i walk up to where he just was and notice a breathing clam. my head snaps toward dove’s direction, and he’s trying to eat god-knows-what.

“drop it!” i yell at him as he tries to chow on some… i don’t even fucking know, i’m pretty ignorant, but it looks like it could’ve been alive at some point.

the moral of this store is dove loves fresh clams. much like his mother.

as we continue down the beach, i suddenly realize why it’s a highly recommended spot for boondocking. rvs, vans, and trailers are pulled up to the shore the entire stretch of beach.

even the land that lined the beach was full of trailers. hopefully the community there takes good care of where they lay their head.

so we spend a couple of hours there. i use my roadpro for the first time to cook myself lunch. dove gets some fancy wet food, which he doesn’t seem to like, but after a second stroll along the coast (and an hour of heating inside a sweltering van) decides to try some more. 

he promptly gets the runs.

so by the time we make it back to houston, we are both spent. we spend the next couple of hours with the dogsitter cooling off and retreat back to my sanctuary.