a quick october update

my girl hit a slump over the summer following a month of heavy rain, disgusting humidity and expensive repairs, but now that everyone is done feeling sorry for themselves, we can begin making things right again.

once i get my much-needed r&r next week in colorado, i can come back and re-paint the cargo area, lay down the new rug i should be getting tomorrow, and return the bedframe i bought (just barely not wide enough).

after that, i can buy another frame i don’t need to modify and hopefully i don’t come back to a van full of water that’s been sitting for a week.

until then, i’m putting any major renovations on hold. i have to seal the rear light once more before i leave *just in case*. we didn’t get a good rain since i made the seals above and around the rear doors, so i have no idea of rain will get in while i’m gone.

to get an idea of the mess i’m currently dealing with and what i intend to do within the next month or so, check out the video below. 

we’ll pick this back up when i get back home.