Day 7

home depot run

Took the van back to the dealer to check out the leaks. He ignored my idea that the rocker panels could be causing some of the water leakage, BUT he did find a major source of water I probably wouldn’t have guessed.

Day 6

Doing a bunch of research on dealing with water leaks so I can take any extra precautions before putting up insulation. Think of the headache it’d be to have to rip out all of your hard work!

Day 5

stock tires on ram promaster

If you need to know, the 2016 Ram Promaster 2500 159″ wheelbase comes stock with Nexen Roadian CT8 HL LT225/75R16 tires.

Day 4

Now to address the water in the cargo area.

Day 3

there's water in my van!

Well, we have hit our second snag besides the wonky rear door. We have a water leak somewhere!

Day 2

Success. Shelves removed. Gave them to my boss after I asked if he’d help me remove them. Definitely didn’t think he’d say okay!

Day 1

The deed has been done. Trigger’s been pulled, and there’s nothing we can do about it.