day 62 – the adjustment period is never over

here we go again. many updates, but also none at all?
let’s touch on what has been done thus far:
  • roof fan installed
  • sealed up rear light leakage
  • sealed up rocker panel pins, drain holes, and wheel wells
  • replaced original weatherstripping
  • supplemented with more weatherstripping
  • rear door adjustments
  • eternabond on the outer seams where there is crazing
  • sound deadening on walls, ceiling and wheel wells
  • pared down my possessions to either fit in my van or in a small 5×10′ storage unit
  • bought a goal zero yeti with a couple of fans to help with circulation¬†
  • contemplated driving the van into the river

as of today (April 7) – my third week of slumming it up – i still have water coming in through the back, and i’ve yet to insulate this van. i think i’m deciding against it for now since the weather is about to kill rauchy and humid for at least another half year.

my poor dawg.

besides, the day i did decide to do some insulation, i had a great stuff explosion and ended up spending the next few days peeling layers of stickiness from my fingers. i guess that’s the universe telling me i don’t need to do it.

i also got a gd nail in my tire.

my partner in crime has been busy staying away because i’m an angry person all the time, and i constantly push people away. but that’s another story.

van life can be pretty lonely, but that’s life in a nutshell anyway, at least when the party has died down.

the result of continually pressing the nozzle when there's a clog.