So the roommate and I decided to do some nighttime caulking (the best kind of caulking) on Wednesday night. The downside of not having a workplace, but gotta make do with what you got.

Halfway through we realized we should probably try to document, but since we were racing the sun, the picture quality is grainier than bootleg 90s Cinemax.

Does this satisfy your caulk fetish, ya sicko?
What an angel, pretending to know what she's doing.
Here I am pointing a flashlight probably in the completely wrong direction.

Listen, out of the two of us, I don’t know who is less inclined to be the most handy, but probably not me based on my inability to open the tip of the caulk (I wanna stop talking about caulk already, tbh).

Let's take a second to briefly admire our work.

mcdonald's vanilla cone.
like rubba.
the wide view.

So hopefully that stops the rain from getting in, but we won’t know for sure until it rains again or until I get to a car wash to blast the outside. 

In the meantime, I figured out how to open the packaging for the paint respirator and tested out the fitting at work. 

Tested out the bottle of Rust-oleum in a few spots, and it’s legit. It works by converting rust (iron oxide) to iron tannate. You don’t have to bother with buying a grinder to sand off the rust by hand.

And finally, the time lapse of the reformer application. This was probably around 30-40 minutes of work, but it wasn’t too bad, minus the heat. The paint respirator had a nice grasp on my cheeks so when I finally pulled it off, it looked like I’d been wearing a bra too tight on my face.

Originally I planned to use clean metal primer to cover the scratches, but the ones on the floor got blasted with the rust reformer instead. The clean metal primer was kind of thin and ran off the walls, so I’ll wait to finish the remainder of the scratches.

Sorry you can’t see the area closest to the bulkhead or the side door. There was only a bit near the side door, but nothing too loco.


idk, maybe the roof fan?