The original plan was to chow down on some sweet apple pie and coffee in the back of my truck before caulking the shit out of those holes, but it rained again last night, which made the entire area wet and muddy. Instead, I headed out to my mom’s to grab the drill set for later.

Once I got home, I ordered a few more things off of Amazon, the bane of my money’s existence.

The first is a torx set to remove the tie down d-rings on the floor of the van. I’ll probably keep them and get some longer bolts later to reattach them after I put my floors in, but idk, haven’t gotten that far.

Second was some Eternabond, which I think I may use over the rubber stoppers, but I haven’t decided yet. But it will definitely come in handy as I continue to waterproof this thang.

And finally, I got a 12.5′ telescopic ladder since I’m thinking the next major project will be plotting out the roof fan and solar system. Figure I should knock them out in tandem since I need one to use the other.

You know, I’ve been reeeeally looking forward to showers lately, and I think it’s because I subconsciously know I’m about to be without some really good ones in the near future. Such is life.