40 days later: a retrospective

i decided this would be the summer that i would leave my homebase in the gulf coast and let the weather dictate where i would sleep at night. despite living in my van since january 2019, i’d be lying if i said i’d spent much time in it. between working 6 days a week and … Read more

free boondock camping in junction, tx

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2Y-pX9wewI free off-grid boondocking in central Texas? yes please. Junction City Park (Schreiner Park) is a free spot for boondockers and van lifers about two hours outside of San Antonio. there is a 3-day camping limit, no electricity or water hookups, but park police patrol the area, so it’s not too sketchy, and you don’t … Read more

9 ways to earn extra money by freelancing on the web

Earn Extra Income by Freelancing on the Web

who isn’t looking to make some extra money, especially with this epic mess we got goin’ on round these parts. luckily, there are plenty of ways you can earn extra cash by offering your services on the internet. ranging from full-time to piecemeal freelance gigs, the potential for online income is enormous. if you’re confident … Read more

top five best tents for heavy rain

best tents for heavy rain

when you’re camping, you’ll want the best possible protection and insulation from the elements. rain, wind, and snow are all-weather phenomena that can make your camping or backpacking trip uncomfortable or dangerous, so preparing properly for these events is absolutely crucial. therefore, you need to bring the correct equipment to protect yourself from the elements … Read more

butane vs propane camping stove – por que no los dos?

butane vs propane camping stove

the preface – cooking inside any enclosed area is a huge life NO NO. you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, not to mention a fire or gas leak inside your home. when on the road or camping, you should always cook in an open area with plenty of fresh air and space. please use caution … Read more

how to get off grid internet – EASILY!

how to get off grid internet

the internet (not the music group) has allowed us to create connections all over the world. however, if you’ve ever considered living off-grid, you may have had to consider whether or not you can live without the internet, and obviously the answer is a resounding NO! at least for me. i’ve spent too many times … Read more

best 12v camping van fridge/freezer combo

alpicool c20

“i’m gonna chill and hit the road.” almost all of us have had this same feeling, usually during college spring breaks, a long overdue vacation from work, and sometimes even after quitting a tiring job. but what if you hear that you can add a lot more “chill” in your “chill time”? sounds chilly, right? … Read more

how to make money while living in a van

how to make money while living in a van

ah, the ultimate question, right? a few years ago, making money on the road was one of the greatest challenges for people who like to travel either full-time or part-time while living in a van, rv, trailer – whatever the method of transportation was the goal was the same – make some of the sweet … Read more

running a fridge with the goal zero yeti lithium 12v regulated cable

https://youtu.be/IX2mZwk5E5osince using a 12v fridge full time in my van, i’ve had the dreaded F1 error pop up on my fridge, essentially shutting off the fridge as a way to protect my battery life if the voltage is “too low.” there are some workarounds with the fridge, like eco modes, but regardless of how high my … Read more

cooking while living van life

i guess i can finally write this post. for several months, i avoided buying a camping stove or fridge for the van because i really didn’t need it, and the whole purpose of vandwelling is for me to save money.  i first bought an instantpot because i was nervous about cooking inside the van with … Read more