best 12v camping van fridge/freezer combo

“i’m gonna chill and hit the road.”

almost all of us have had this same feeling, usually during college spring breaks, a long overdue vacation from work, and sometimes even after quitting a tiring job.

but what if you hear that you can add a lot more “chill” in your “chill time”? sounds chilly, right? a 12v rv refrigerator is just exactly what you need for making your road trips a lot easier. a refrigerator in your van will ease the misery of hot drinks and gas station snacks.

these 12v fridges aren’t just for vans and rvs. any long distance drivers, including truckers, also need to store food while on the road. fast food gets expensive after a while!

Why Invest in an RV Fridge?

we live in a fast-moving world where there is a new trend for traveling, and road trips. 

gone are the days when only trailers needed a refrigerator. today, almost every person wants to experience the road once in their life, and once they do, there’s no stopping them. 

there’s something very intriguing about road trips, be it for play or work, you get to find your own destination and choose your own path, and that’s something a lot of people strive for beyond the stress of every day life.

truckers, campers, van lifers are the audience who need it the most because of their frequent travels. even though investing in an rv fridge seems like a luxury and unnecessary purchase, for van lifers and truckers, it’s a necessity. we spend most of our time on-road, and that means the hassle of not eating fresh food, and sometimes, not even a hot bath.

by adding an rv fridge to your rig, you can enjoy fresh meals, fruits, and most importantly cold drinks and water to make your traveling less miserable.

12v Fridge Power Consumption – Why Choose 12v over DC?

it is very important to do thorough research before investing in an electronic product and fortunately, we did that already for you. it can be said that applications and power supply are the two biggest and most important factors to consider. a 12V refrigerator is more optimized in terms of cost and efficiency than a 5V.

Do You Need a 12v Van Fridge?

the above-mentioned qualities are available in every refrigerator but there is an added bonus too which will make you even more excited to open your laptop and order this godsend product. a 12v rv refrigerator also comes with a chain with a combination of refrigerators and freezers! you heard it right. now you can ice your drinks up too on road. who would have thought that ice creams and popsicles can also be a road snack?

How Much Power Does a 12v Fridge Use?

a 12v rv refrigerator is a versatile product that can be used both through ac and dc power. many of them can run even on solar too.

many models also give you the option of adjusting the temperature to below freezing temps if you intend to use it as a freezer. this is probably a bit harder on your battery, but using 12v power, your power consumption should be efficient.

plus, the models i looked at have 3-stage car battery protection system; therefore you don’t have to worry about the battery either. furthermore, it can work perfectly fine on bumpy roads as it has the capacity to operate even at a forty-five-degree angle because of its vibration-resistant technology.

Top 5 Best 12V Camping Fridges

i did a bit of research when trying to find a 12v fridge for my van. many of the highly recommended 12v camping fridges were well over $700, and it seemed like a huge initial investment for something i felt i didn’t necessarily need.

i read that finding a cooler with a compressor was the most important factor when finding a reliable refrigerator. i ended up choosing the Alpicool C20 because, at the time, it was around $280 (at the time of this writing, it’s sitting at $199).

if you do end up getting a 12v fridge and plan to run it off a generator, you need to be sure you have a regulated power supply; otherwise, you may end up with a bunch of spoiled food.

it is no secret that a 12 rv refrigerator isn’t cheap but nobody wants to invest in a low-quality electronic item as it stays with you for years. like any other refrigerator, these too come with a warranty which should make you less confused. if you are a traveler or just a person who likes his/her drink cold, this is THE product for you.

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