9 ways to earn extra money by freelancing on the web

who isn’t looking to make some extra money, especially with this epic mess we got goin’ on round these parts.

luckily, there are plenty of ways you can earn extra cash by offering your services on the internet. ranging from full-time to piecemeal freelance gigs, the potential for online income is enormous.

if you’re confident in your skills and disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable, you can make plenty of extra cash using the internet. 

work off of these to get some ideas

consider what you’re good at.

narrow your focus your efforts on your unique talents when looking for web work. 

  • for example, if you’re a fast typist, look for data entry jobs online. if you can spin a good story, try a writing job or two. if you’re a skilled web surfer, find research jobs to fill the coffer.
  • try upwork, elance and other popular freelance portals to find work. 

use social networks to find leads and connections.

don’t ignore linkedin. i know it’s boring and zzz-worthy, but it’s a good way to get in touch with prospective employers – or even clients. make sure others see your qualities through your social networking efforts. 

be confident.

we get it – what if it doesn’t work? to protect yourself, be sure to do your research. don’t quit a job just because you think you have it figured out.

instead, put in the effort to make a plan and get started before you’re ready. don’t leave a job until you’re secure in yourself. this way, you earn some courage and make some extra money.

learn to do transcriptions to earn steady wages.

transcribing is an exploding online career. if you’re a competent typist, you’re already halfway there. use those skills to transcribe interviews, books, and more.

contact local businesses to offer help managing their social media. 

if you’re an avid twitterer and instagrammer, you could convince some local businesses to pay you to post for them. 

business owners are too busy doing things like – surprise! running their business. they don’t have time to post on facebook. let them pay you instead.

look for companies who offer cash to endorse their products.

use affiliate marketing to optimize a website, or use your social media influence to tell your followers about. 

the bottom line is to earn a commission any time anyone makes a purchase through you.

  • if you have a lot of friends who partake in a particular hobby, find a supplier of products you can all enjoy. become an affiliate, post their ads, and earn commissions on their items. 

use websites that reward you for shopping on their websites.

be careful with this one. you could spend more with your shopping than you make through the gift card reward. but if you’re planning to purchase a gift anyway, you could earn a few extra bucks this way. 

only buy whatever you were going to buy anyway. don’t browse for ways to spend money just so you can get back 10%. the goal is to EARN money.

use “fiverr.”

what can you do for five bucks? post it on fiverr, and you might get a few bites. check out the website to get an idea of the things people need done. then, offer to do those tasks.

  • think about what you can do easily and quickly. you can always add on more for additional costs, but don’t make the work too difficult for yourself. it should be something automated, if possible.

serve on a mock jury online.

at ejury.com, you can be paid to serve on a mock jury. discover the experience of making a real difference with the other online jurors. 

if you have a computer and know how to type, there’s a goldmine sitting right in front of you. achieve your financial goals by bringing in extra money from online sources. because it’s 2021, and there’s no excuse.