how to make money while living in a van

ah, the ultimate question, right?

a few years ago, making money on the road was one of the greatest challenges for people who like to travel either full-time or part-time while living in a van, rv, trailer – whatever the method of transportation was the goal was the same – make some of the sweet sweet money.

when my eyes were closed, the global online atmosphere changed. turns out it’s now easier than ever to make remote income – thanks to advancements in technology and wider access to the internet.

for you to make money online while vandwelling, it definitely requires time, patience, hard work, discipline and consistency in order to pay off.

in this article, we are going to focus on 10 remote jobs that one can do and make money while living in a van.

what kind of van life jobs are there out there?

let’s use our imaginations and explore a little further… farther? further. yes gimme more, britney spears.

monetizing a blog

if you have a passion in writing or you are an expert in a certain field or niche, you can create informative blog content and monetize it. if you deliver great and informative content, you will get a lot of visitors and long-term followers who always benefit when they read your blog. this traffic can make you money even while you sleep. you can partner with ad networks like adsense, participate in affiliate marketing like with amazon or share-a-sale, or even sell your own products or services.

social media management

social media manager is a great remote job that you can also try. a social media manager usually schedules posts, responds to their client’s questions, and even prepares content on behalf of the business or individuals who are busy. most business have created positions for social medial marketing and don’t require someone full time, making it a great remote job that can bring in some income while traveling.

virtual assistant

are you excellent in customer service? then becoming a virtual assistant is another method that you can use to make money while living in a van. most businesses have embraced virtual assistant role because they need to outsource customer service and admin support work. as a virtual assistant, you can work remotely to manage programs and offer customer services for other businesses as a part time employee.

website design

if you are an expert or have interest in website design, you can start a business designing websites for companies and individuals and still make money while exploring the country. also, you can assist in upgrading and maintaining your client’s websites, and graphic design which can be done remotely. be sure to find a niche customer and target similar industries. to maximize your work.

photography & videography

if you love taking photos and videos, you can consider becoming a professional photographer or videographer. you can shoot 2-3 videos a month, post them on your website and build a good portfolio, then monetize these services. you can sell your travel photos to places like shutterstock, or use them to design your own merchandise like t-shirts and tapestries.


day trading is the act of buying and selling a financial instrument within the same day. the trader takes profit from small price movement in the market. this may not be for everyone, but if you are experienced in financial markets and investments, you can earn a living though day-trading while traveling.

the possibilities are honestly endless. 

we didn’t even get to jump into reselling items on ebay, creating a print-on-demand store, or gigs like ridesharing or delivery.

making money online while traveling on the road isn’t just a pipe dream. it’s doable. but it’s like a rolling snowball. it’ll take some time to gain some momentum, but at the end, you won’t be able to avoid it.

hopefully this gave you a couple of ideas on how to make money living in a van. with time, you might even ditch your formal office job for remote work and start making money exclusively while traveling.

do you already work from home? let me know what your hustle is (you don’t have to get into specifics, but you can give us an idea) and how you’re able to make it work while living on the road!