Not much to report today!

Doing a bunch of research on dealing with water leaks so I can take any extra precautions before putting up insulation. Think of the headache it’d be to have to rip out all of your hard work!

I went to check the rear hole I saw near the wheel well and from the outside I can see a large open rectangle. Someone on Instagram hit me up and let me know that’s where the wires from the bumper sensors run through, so for my situation, it makes sense for me to cover it up.


The body shop is checking out the van tomorrow to hopefully seal any and all leaks. Once that’s done, we can finally begin our work on…



I’m debating whether or not I should sand down the rust spots on the floor or if there is a major obvious drawback to just spraying rust reformer (Rust-oleum).

The sanding seems like it would be more tedious, considering there is more than just a few rust spots hanging around the back. The rust reformer seems to make the most sense, right? The floor isn’t going to be seen.

I’ll continue to check for any pitfalls of either method, but as of tonight, rust reformer it is.