Took the van back to the dealer to check out the leaks. He ignored my idea that the rocker panels could be causing some of the water leakage, BUT he did find a major source of water I probably wouldn’t have guessed.

My back windows came covered from the inside with wire grates.

According to the dude, the edges of the wires were pushing into the weatherstripping and causing leakage. So he removed them for me.


promaster wire windows grates
r.i.p. these thangs

After work, I decided to stop by this RV parts store to pick up some Sikaflex 221 to seal the rocker panel pins from the inside and any other possible entry points.

Another Home Depot run was in order. I needed some cleaning supplies and a caulking gun. Tomorrow, I’ll use my breaks at work to do some intermittent cleaning. Hopefully by the afternoon/evening, I can caulk the pins and whatever other holes I found. Should also check out those running lights and double-check the wheel wells and seams.

home depot run
Home Depot... my second home.

Should be receiving the paint respirator tomorrow, so by Wednesday, I can begin taking care of the rust and scratches.

The next major project will likely be installing the roof fan, probably a Maxxair Maxxfan 5100K. I can also spend a little time working on sound deadening at that point.