there's water in my van!


Well, we have hit our first snag, if you exclude the wonky rear door. We have a water leak somewhere!

I didn’t notice it until around 3 in the afternoon. Some water was pooled on top of the cargo mat near the rear doors. When I lifted the mat, there was water  the full length of the bed. Seemed to be mostly on the right side though.

Based on how the water splashed along the top of the mat, I’m hoping the water is coming in from the back door area and NOT some random loose seam or hole somewhere that is difficult to find. According to forums, it seems to be an issue, and the water leakage doesn’t seem to be consistent.

So once I figure out where the leak is, I can work toward remedying it. Hopefully it isn’t an expensive dealership repair, but if it is, we will take care of it then.

Rustproofing is going to be put on hold until we determine the source of the water leak. Can’t do much if there is water in my van.

In other news, we should be getting at least a couple of new tires installed Saturday. The current front ones look a little questionable.